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About us

PERFECTHIRE is all about Talent. We work with clients to build Talent Strategies with Implementation and ownership. We help our clients understand the Information Technologies’ Talent Landscape. We offer customized solutions in Talent Fulfillment across all levels of maturity. Our clients include the biggest names in the technology space. We foster an environment of continuous knowledge sharing. This enables us to push beyond the latest market trends and practices.

PERFECTHIRE is a talent consulting and fulfillment company. Established in 2018, we have grown from 3 to more than 25 employees.

We experimented with alternate delivery models for talent fulfillment and made them successful. Our success has given us referral businesses. It has helped us fill critical positions in short time.


PerfectHire opens more doors for you.

The Strategic Talent Sourcing team aims to provide support to the client’s strategic business and HR objectives. This is a strategic sourcing model that will complement the current recruitment model now and into the future by sizing the market, focusing on targeting, engaging, tracking, assessing and eventually acquiring talent for the company.



Our RPO solutions serves as a recruitment engine for your company’s hiring engagements


Modular RPO Model

End-to- End RPO solutions serve as a recruitment engine for your company’s hiring engagements. The model provides support to all components of your recruitment function. We manage right from attracting candidates to converting them till offer and on-boarding.

Our team is made up of professional writers across the INDIA with experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, Career Coaching and job search strategy. We write resumes that will get past the automated recruiting software used to screen out applicants and stand out to recruiters for all the right reasons.


End-to- End RPO Model

Solutions provide support to one or more components of your recruitment function. This includes the following capabilities. Employer branding, Candidate sourcing & screening, Interview scheduling & co-ordination, Candidate assessment, Offer-letter management, Candidate on-boarding, Vendor management, Application tracking through systems, Recruitment life-cycle analytics

When should you avail Modular RPO solutions?


If you need services only in the area of sourcing candidates. Or interview coordination and scheduling.

It can be one service or a combination of the above.